Expropriation of companies and real properties

In his international arbitration practice under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and a member of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, Judge Ameli has dealt with many complex expropriation claims and their valuation in a good number of cases, including a major housing project (Starrett), an insurance company (INA), a diary company (Foremost Tehran, Foremost-McKesson cases), an industrial group of health, food and chemical products companies and a bank (Khosrowshahi), an architectural firm( Birnbaum as well as Ghaffari), a paper and paper product manufacturing company and its distribution company (Saghi), a group of electric appliances manufacturing and distribution companies (Hakim), and a major group of soft drink bottling companies and glass, tire and rubber, motor oil, gas cooker and gas cylinder manufacturing companies (Sabet cases), in addition to a number of other cases such as a container shipping company (Flexi-Van Leasing). Judge Ameli has also decided many claims for expropriation and valuation of real properties, including commercial and residential properties (Protiva), (Hakim), (Sabet cases), company share cases which included real property and other cases which did not reach the valuation stage (such as Gabay, Saboonchian, Moin and Karubian). On valuation, the Tribunal has generally applied the Treaty of Amity standard, also known as the Hull doctrine.