Breach of contract cases

Judge Ameli has dealt with a good number of breach of contract cases in the construction of housing projects (HUAS) and (Skidmore, state contracts), bottling license, sale and loan agreements (PepsiCo), accountancy services for construction of a major air force aviation surveillance project by several contractors (Touche Ross, state contract), educational services (International Schools), a chain of hotel construction and management project (Hyatt), construction of naval telecommunication systems (Collins, state contracts), equipment lease, supplies and technical assistance agreements for rentals, equipment value, trademark and license  fees (Foremost Tehran, Foremost-McKesson cases), sale of supplies and loan agreements (Gulf Associates), construction of  air force maintenance depot and armament factories (Westinghouse, series of state contracts), a series of technical assistance, technology transfer and procurement contracts in the production of health, food and chemical products (Kaysons),  charter hire, container lease and demurrage, unjust enrichment and detrimental reliance claims (SeaCo), sale of goods (Scott, Foresman), and consultancy agreement (Arthur Young). In addition, under the ICC Arbitration Rules, Judge Ameli has dealt with breach of contract claims in a series of state contracts for construction of a major integrated telecommunications system and a number of oil and oil service agreements (ICC and ad hoc UNCITRAL cases).