Treaty disputes and Inter-State contract claims

Judge Ameli has decided several disputes between the States on interpretation and application of the Algiers Accords between concerning losses resulting from breach of treaty for failure to return a group Iranian properties (mainly civilian or dual use)remaining with private US persons (A15 (II:A and II:B) cases), failure to return another group of Iranian properties (mainly military related) remaining with private US persons (B61 cases), failure to return Iranian properties remaining with the former royal family (A11), failure to enforce a Tribunal award against a private US party (A27), failure to terminate legal proceedings in US courts (A15 (IV) and A24 cases), and failure to replenish the security account (A28 and A33). He has also dealt with jurisdiction to award interest under the Accords (A19), jurisdiction over a counterclaim in the category of official claims under the Accords (B1) and merits of claims for World War Two surplus military goods (B36) and Iranian railway damages (B58).